Mango Markets
Initial Setup
Learn about Mango and its powerful risk engine, tooling, and permissionless trading platform.
  • Create Mango account
  • Deposits are cross-collateralised and positions cross-margined
  • Health is used to determine liquidations and new position eligibility

Connecting your Wallet

First, choose your wallet and then click connect.
After connecting, under settings you can decide whether auto-approval is on or off and approve the connection.
Using Auto-approve will give a smoother trading experience (more like a centralised exchange). If you decide not to use it, you will need to approve every transaction you make within the platform.

Creating a Mango account & depositing funds

It's time to create and fund your first 🥭Mango account. Simply click on the deposit button within the account modal.
In the account creation modal, first, decide to name your account or not. Next, choose the asset you want to fund your Mango account with and enter the amount you want to deposit.
You’ll need 0.035 SOL in your wallet to open a Mango account.

Understanding Collateral on Mango🥭

Within Mango, all your assets are considered "collateral", which means you can use any one asset to buy any of the other assets. So something like positions will naturally work a little differently between spot and perpetual markets and might feel a little different compared to normal exchanges that don't offer full asset cross-collateralisation within their platform.
On Mango, collateral health is connected to your Health Ratio, which is based on your collateral ratio. This essentially allows you to utilise any asset to trade or borrow against any other asset all being handled by the Mango risk engine.
For example, if you have $100 of USDC within your account you can exchange that for up to 5x of another asset, depending on the market's collateral ratio (MNGO, SOL, SRM, USDT, BTC, and ETH) while still holding your original USDC position. You can also withdraw funds as needed and pay back your liabilities to keep your health ratio in the green.

Watch your Health Ratio ❤️

Once a position is opened, it must maintain a Health Ratio above 0%. If an account falls to 0% it will be liquidated and funds lost. To increase you Health Ratio, reduce your borrows or deposit funds into your Mango account to top up the health bar. The current Health Ratio is displayed in two places, on the trade page and under your accounts page.

Portfolio & Position Management

Mango offers a really robust, simple, and intuitive interface for managing your Mango account and its liabilities.
View everything:
  • Account Value, Leverage, Health Ratio, MNGO Rewards
  • Perpetual Positions
  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Total Liabilities Value
  • Asset Balances
  • Current Open Orders, Transaction History
More features being added.
Manage your portfolio and all positions right on the account page. ****

Join the community 👾

The Mango team is committed to providing a fully decentralised, open source, leveraged trading platform capable of matching a centralised-exchange feel with all the unique benefits of DeFi. We are excited to launch Mango Markets and continue bringing new leveraged trading products to life in decentralised form. Visit us at to trade and lend.
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