Flash Loans

Flash loans can be performed essentially by building a Solana transaction, where starting instruction is the FlashLoanBegin and last instructions is the FlashLoanEnd from the mango V4 program. The intermediate instructions can call any solana program of choice. FlashLoanBegin transfers tokens from the mango V4 vaults to the token accounts of choice, and FlashLoanEnd moves the excess (in comparison with amount before the transaction) amount per token back to the vaults.

The swap functionality in the mango V4 Web UI, is basically a margin trade using jupiter.


  • Borrowing for a particular token can only be done once

  • Cannot be called from cross-program invocation

  • The only mango V4 instructions allowed are the FlashLoanBegin and FlashLoanEnd

  • The initial health of the involved mango account at the end of the transaction must either be above 0 or better than the initial health before the transaction

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