Mango Markets


Fees are charged for various actions within Mango. All fees are set by the DAO, with the exception of integrated programs such as Jupiter swaps and Openbook spot trading.

Perp Market Fees

Takers are charged and makers are rebated. See the 'Perp Markets' tab on the Stats page or the 'Market Details' button on the Trade page for the fees of each market.

Spot Market Fees

Takers are charged 4bps, makers are rebated 2bps, and 2bps is claimed by the DAO. Margin trading may incur additional borrowing fees (see below).

Borrow Fees

Each asset has a loan origination fee and a continuous upkeep fee paid to the DAO, as well as contiued interest payments for the duration of the loan paid to the lender. Select an asset on the 'Tokens' tab on the Stats page to see its fee and interest rates.

Flash Loan Fees

Flash loans pay the loan origination fee as described above.

Network Fees

A small network fee is paid in SOL for each transaction. This can vary depending on the priority fee set in Settings > Network and is shown by your wallet when signing the transaction. Additionally, there is a small SOL deposit when creating a Mango account and for each spot market used. This deposit is fully refundable upon account closure.