Mango Markets
Account Delegation
Mango Account Delegation is a feature that allows a separate Solana account limited access to the Mango Account's features.
Delegation can provide some additional security for more sophisticated key management procedures.
A delegated account can, for example:
  • Deposit funds
  • Place orders
  • Cancel orders
A delegated account cannot, for example:
  • Withdraw funds
  • Close the Mango Account
  • Change or remove existing account delegation
A Mango Account can have at most one delegate. The owner of the Mango Account continues to have full control of the Mango Account irrespective of delegation.
Only delegate to an account that you trust. Although delegates cannot withdraw funds, there are some other mechanisms by which they could drain your account. For example, by using your account to make bad trades with their personal account.


A delegate can be set from the Mango UI via the accounts page, or programatically using either the mango-explorer package for Python or the mango-client library for JS.
If a Mango Account has been delegated to you, it will appear in the Accounts List in the UI, from where you can select it and perform limited operations as you would with any other account.
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