Mango Markets

Referrals & Affiliate Program

Referral links, affiliate program and reduced trading fees. How to reduce your taker fees on Mango Markets or earn from other traders
Mango Markets allows for traders to create a unique referral link to share with their friends or to use for "self-referral" based on MNGO holdings.
To be eligible for creating a vanity referral link, a trader needs to maintain a balance of 10,000 MNGO in their mango account balance.
To create a referral link once you have 10,000 MNGO, navigate to the following URL in the UI and connect your wallet:
Feel free to create your own vanity link for sharing, duplicates are not possible
Important notes:
  • Your referral code is automatically applied when a user creates a Mango Markets Account using your link.
  • When any of your referrals trade Mango Markets Perpetual Futures, you earn 16% of their trade fees. (0.8bps on taker fees).
  • Plus, for using your link they get a 4% discount off their Mango Markets Perpetual Futures fees. (0.2bps on taker fees).
  • If your referee owns 10,000 MNGO, they will act as a self-referral and no longer contribute to your affiliate earnings. Instead, they will pay 4bps taker fee instead of 4.8bps.
Payoffs/scenarios are as follows:
Max refers Klossie, who takes from Daffy: Klossie pays 4.8bps taker fee, Daffy gets 3bps maker rebate, Max gets 0.8bps, DAO gets 1bp of revenue.
Klossie now has 10k MNGO (LP mining / buys), takes again from Daffy: Klossie pays 4bps taker, Daffy gets 3bps maker rebate, DAO gets 1bp of revenue.
Crusher has no MNGO, not referred, takes from Daffy: Crusher pays 5bps taker fee, Daffy gets 3bps maker rebate, DAO gets 2bps of revenue.