Mango Markets


Mango Markets uses Serum DEX for spot markets.
Do open orders earn interest? ****
No, open orders do not earn interest since they’re removed from the borrow/lending pool and on the Serum orderbook. How do I make a leverage trade? 
 Ensure the margin toggle box is checked. Simply place a buy or sell order for the asset you would like to long or short. If you do not have the deposits required for the trade and have appropriate health, the funds will be automatically borrowed. If an asset is borrowed, it is a leveraged position
How can I repay my borrows? Simply trade for the borrowed asset or deposit and the funds will automatically be applied to borrows. How can I make a trade without leverage or borrowing? 
 As long as the margin box is unselected in the trade form, no funds will be borrowed to enter into a leverage trade. If you already have borrows however, the margin box must be checked to trade that pair. Place an order and funds will be taken from your deposits for the trade. 

When I trade for an asset do I earn interest on it? 
Yes, all assets acquired in deposits earn interest. How much interest do I pay on borrows? 
 ****Current and average rates are showing in APR at What are unsettled balances? ****If a limit order is filled, funds are placed in your unsettled balances. To settle, click "Settle All" in the Balances tab on the trading page. What orders types are available? ****See Order Types