Mango Markets


What are borrows? 
 Borrows occur when a leverage margin trade or withdraw borrow occurs. If a spot trade is placed with a required size larger than deposits, then funds will be automatically borrowed (if the margin toggle box is checked).

Why do I have borrows if I didn’t place a trade or take a borrow? It must have happened by accident. You can check Trade and withdraw history in "Account."
How Can I repay my borrow?
 To repay the borrow, simply trade for or deposit the asset borrowed. Also, the margin box in the trade form must be checked. For example, an account with 500 USDC borrows can sell any spot assets and the returned USDC is applied to the borrows. 

 How can I tell if I have borrows? ****In the Account tab, the Balances table has a Borrows column. All spot borrows will show there. Perp shorts/borrows are displayed in Perp Positions.