Mango Markets
$MNGO is a governance token for the Mango DAO. Changes to Mango Marketsโ€™ code requires proposal and approval from the DAO. A successful proposal requires 200 million MNGO "Approve" votes and more total Approve votes than Decline. Voting is accessible at: $MNGO is a SPL token on Solana blockchain. โ€จโ€จโ€จโ€จ
Where Can I get $MNGO? $MNGO is available on as well as: โ€จ Jupiter Aggregator Raydium Swap Raydium DEX Orca Swap Can I stake $MNGO? ****There is no protocol staking mechanism. However, there are ways to earn yield.โ€จโ€จ $MNGO can be deposited on to earn interest. Current rates are shown in APR at $MNGO can also be used to participate in Liquidity Provider(LP) pools. Raydium and Orca offer MNGO-USDC LP token staking to earn yield. Please understand the risks of impermanent loss when participating in LP token staking described here LP pools: Raydium: โ€จ Orca:โ€จโ€จ/ Does $MNGO tokens receive protocol revenue? No, although protocol revenue is generated to a DAO controlled vault.
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