Mango Markets
® ® Vanity referral links, affiliate program and reduced trading fees
How to reduce your taker fees on Mango Markets or earn from other traders
Mango Markets allows for traders to create a unique referral link to share with their friends or to use for "self-referral" based on MNGO holdings.
To be eligible for creating a vanity referral link, a trader needs to maintain a balance of 10,000 MNGO in their mango account balance.
To create a referral link once you have 10,000 MNGO, navigate to the following URL in the UI and connect your wallet:
Feel free to create your own vanity link for sharing, duplicates are not possible
Important notes:
  • Your referral code is automatically applied when a user creates a Mango Account using your link.
  • When any of your referrals trade Mango Perps, you earn 16% of their trade fees. (0.8bps on taker fees)
  • Plus, for using your link they get a 4% discount off their Mango Perp fees. (0.2bps on taker fees)
  • If your referee owns 10,000 MNGO, they will act as a self-referral and no longer contribute to your affiliate earnings. Instead, they will pay 4bps taker fee instead of 4.8bps
Payoffs/scenarios are as follows:
Max refers Klossie, who takes from Daffy: Klossie pays 4.8bps taker fee, Daffy gets 3bps maker rebate, Max gets 0.8bps, DAO gets 1bp of revenue
Klossie now has 10k MNGO (LP mining / buys), takes again from Daffy: Klossie pays 4bps taker, Daffy gets 3bps maker rebate, DAO gets 1bp of revenue
Crusher has no MNGO, not referred, takes from Daffy: Crusher pays 5bps taker fee, Daffy gets 3bps maker rebate, DAO gets 2bps of revenue
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